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Morrow and Dr. Han Van Der Loo, Director, CCH Viral Vector Core

Dr. John Morrow and Dr. Kaspar Hoebe discuss research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Dr. Chris Mayhew and technician Amy Pitstick of Cincinnati Children's Hospital

John Morrow and Matt Gaevert discuss Kiyatec's 3D culture technology

Morrow and Mayhew consider stem cell technology at Cincinnati Children's

A visit to Biologic Covington KY

Morrow discussing Bexion technology with Dr. Neil Chaudhary

Discussing protein characterization assays at Bexion

Performance exceeding expectations.

Newport Biotechnology Consultants serves the life sciences industry providing research, writing, business planning and emergency management solutions.  Founder Dr. K. John Morrow Jr. (President/CEO) draws upon academic and industrial experience to cover new developments and technologies in antibody therapeutics and related areas of biotechnology. With an extensive list of publications in trade and peer-reviewed journals, we are prepared to evaluate business plans, prepare technical reports and develop advertising literature. To download some of my latest publications go to "Who We Are" page.

A range of quality services

  • Writing expertise
    • life sciences industry
    • specialization in molecular immunology
  • Coverage of new developments and technologies
  • Emergency management
  • Bio-Safety Consulting
  • Business plan evaluation.
  • Translation, Interpretation   (English/Italian) 

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