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A wealth of new epigenetic drugs

November 27, 2012


While there are only four FDA-approved drugs that target the epigenome, there are a large number in various stages of development, as explained by Dr. Peter Ordentlich at the Third World Epigenetics Summit held in Boston in July, 2012. Ordentlich, who is VP of Transl...

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A lethal epigenetic cocktail

November 26, 2012

There are two deeply disturbing properties of epigenetic inheritance that have been receiving much attention of late. The first is the ability of certain classes of chemicals to cause epigenetic changes that can be transmitted transgenerationally. The seco...

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Teutonic Technology Transcends Trends

November 2, 2012

Germany’s commitment to advanced technology is legendary, going back to the industrial revolution in the 19th century. As competition with China and other Asian countries has grown in recent decades, the German response has been to develop...

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