SCIENCE MAGAZINE: New epigenetic findings

transgenic are widely used in epigenetic studies

August 28, 2014

SCIENCE MAGAZINE (15 August 2014) has a nice series of articles on parenting, which argue that epigenetic changes to the epigenome of the sperm of the father can be transmitted to the offspring. This finding is now widely accepted, and it contradicts the belief held years ago that epigenetic changes were wiped clean in the transmission to the next generation. Lane et al (Science 345:756-759[2014]) observe that "Although the sperm chromatin is substantially erased after conception, epigenetic marks are not completely reset." Further, "An epigenetic pathway is implicated in transmission of behavioral conditioning to offspring-"  

In my book on epigenetics I presented some striking cases of generational transmission of epigenetically controlled traits. The case for widespread epigenetic transmission is growing stronger and stronger, with important implication for our society. These are discussed in detail in my book. 



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