Remaking the scientific grant process

October 10, 2018

No one could say that science isn’t big business. According to the current issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, annual expenditures for research and development add up to $2 trillion (they don’t specify whether this is the entire planet or just the US), but one would conclude that this is a big chunk of change. In fact, despite screams of outrage at the Trump administration’s initial budget proposals for 2017 and 2018, funding for NIH alone stands today at $37 billion. The article goes on to discuss the fact while a lot of terrific science get accomplished, at the same time there is a massive amount of waste ...

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Hippos Take Over Colombia

July 10, 2018


Dr. Ian Malcom, the dour mathematician in the Jurassic Park franchise played by Jeff Goldblum, is constantly remonstrating about the awesome power of genetics, “Life Cannot be contained!” Well, if th...

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The Warrior Gene

March 14, 2018

Recently there has been a good deal of coverage in the popular media of the so-called “warrior gene”, presumable a variant of the gene coding for the enzyme monamine oxidase, which metabolizes neurotransmitters. &n...

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Eliminating Invasive Mammalian Pests with CRISPR/gene drive

January 22, 2018

Rats and other non-native mammalian species have been a scorge on New Zealand's indigenous wildlife for centuries, and have proven virtually impossible to eliminate. Now, scientists at the University of Scotland's Roslin Institute and at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts have proposed a radica...

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Learn About Your Microbiome

November 27, 2017

New technologies for treating gastroenteric diseases have been given a huge boost in recent years as scientists have investigated the microbiome, defined as the sum total of the diverse populations of bacteria, viruses and fungi sprea...

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